About us


Imagination. There once was a girl named Isabel. With an imagination the size of the sky, found in the workshop of his mother's word a word COSTURA.Era large and bright, so he started to get into it, like a carefully embroidered bag, and found precious things. Colors, yarn, fabric, prints, cuts here, stitches there, smell hot iron on cotton fabrics, travel ... a world full of possibilities, create and play.>

Growth. First was Isabel Arias, with fashion and theatrical vesturario after MUNA came, and his children's world and now in 2103, born HISABELIA, where they mix everything in one universe, what we were, what we are and what we shall be, that is the trip search of the new and old and also essential textile creation.

SLOW-design. We believe in this concepto.No know nor want to do our work of another modo.TODO what you find in Hisabelia is created, sewn, printed in detail, carefully, with the time required for each stitch is in place, with awareness. Created with love.

Social Commitment.

Project is part Hisabelia. We want to do our part to initiatives that improve our world, which we improve to us, and that therefore we are so grateful. With the illusion that this support more and find more ways and become increasingly larger, we encourage you to come to know them. Click!